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Cyberjaya, Malaysia

Improving Urban Wellbeing Through
Live Environmental Monitoring

Poor air quality is linked to a variety of health problems and reduced quality of life. Especially so in Malaysia, which experiences recurring haze due to forest fires and in some areas, air pollution. Air quality reports that are supposed to help citizens take preventive measures, have not been able to provide timely or accurate information due to the limited places that are being tracked and inaccurate sensor parameter readings with long intervals in between.

In collaboration with Cyberview to make Cyberjaya an intelligent livable city, Atilze has set up a city scale live air quality monitoring system – covering key spots like schools and public areas. This involves deploying multiple, highly precise PM2.5 air sensors that utilises the city-wide LoRa network in Cyberjaya. By providing real-time, accurate and localised readings, Cyberjaya’s citizens can better plan their activities to avoid unhealthy areas and enjoy better living standards. The dashboard is publicly available at