Connected-ADAS can reduce road accidents and deaths

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Atilze Digital Sdn Bhd (“Atilze”), a wholly owned subsidiary of G3 Global Berhad (formerly known as Yen Global Berhad) can assist the Malaysian Government with solutions to improve road safety, reduce road accidents and deaths. In response to the news article that was published on the 19th May, it is mentioned that the new Transport Minister, Yang Berhormat Mr. Anthony Loke Siew Fook who will be sworn in today, the first matter he would like to look into is to come up with effective measures to reduce road accidents and fatalities as people will be returning to their home towns for Hari Raya. According to the Buku Statistik Keselamatan Edisi 2017 published by the Malaysia Ministry of Transport, there was a total of 533,875 road accidents occurred on Malaysian roads with 6,740 deaths in year 2017 alone. And according to the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS), 80.6% of the road accidents are caused by human negligence. In addition, these road accidents has an economic impact that cost the country approximately RM 10,000,000,000 (Ten Billion Ringgit Malaysia) per year. In an effort to reduce road accidents and deaths, Atilze believes that technology is the solution where the Connected Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (Connected-ADAS) can significantly improve road safety. With the right use of technology, it can assist drivers to improve their driving behaviour leading to increased road safety and avoid potential road incidences.

The Atilze Connected-ADAS is a proven solution that can reduce road accidents in commercial vehicles by up to 82%. Atilze’s Connected-ADAS is a vision-based technology that actively assists and alerts the drivers to detect in real-time the road conditions to avoid front collision, accidental lane changes, speed signs detection and provide pedestrian crossing warning. Many countries in the Asia Pacific region including Singapore, Japan, Korea and China have already mandated the implementation of ADAS and have produced encouraging results. There are over 1.3 million buses and commercial vehicles including ride- and car-sharing services like Grab, SOCAR and GoCar in Malaysia. An assessment has been made to show that the use of the Atilze Connected-ADAS in commercial vehicles and buses can help to reduce road accidents by approximately 20% and it could save our nation, Malaysia approximately RM 1,000,000,000 (One Billion Ringgit Malaysia) every year.

In Malaysia, there are safety ratings for vehicles and even for roads, however, there is no safety rating for drivers who drives the vehicles on the roads. It’s time we had safety rating for drivers. Therefore, Atilze is currently collaborating very closely with the insurance industry to design and develop a unified National Driver Score (NDS) that can be utilized by all general insurers in Malaysia to identify the driver behaviour through a driver safety score. The NDS can be used by the insurer to determine the right risk profile for the relevant insurance policies to be offered matching the specific driver’s profile. Atilze and several insurance companies are in the final stages of piloting the NDS with a couple of insurers; and launch of the new and innovative car insurance products is targeted to take place in the second half of 2018. “The solutions Atilze offers today will eventually lead to the Autonomous Self-Driving vehicle and car. Meanwhile, the Connected-ADAS and the Malaysia National Driver Score will enable safer driving behaviours that will reduce road accidents and the number of deaths on Malaysian roads. The big data from our connected vehicle and connected car solutions can also be utilised to improve traffic management, reducing traffic congestion that could involve designing better roads leading to more liveable Smart Cities”, said Gerard Lim, Chief Executive Officer of Atilze. He added, “Riding on the same sentiment as the vision of the Ministry of Transport, Atilze is in full support of the Minister’s call to reduce road accidents and deaths. Atilze has the ready and proven solutions to improve road safety, reduce road accidents and ultimately, save lives.

Atilze looks forward to collaborating very closely with the new Minister, the Ministry of Transport and the relevant agencies to ensure the priorities of the Minister and the Government is achieved. Last but not least, I would like to congratulate Yang Berhormat Mr. Anthony Loke Siew Fook on his appointment as the Minister of Transport.” -End- About Atilze Digital Sdn Bhd Atilze Digital Sdn Bhd (“Atilze”) is the high technology Internet of Things (IoT) venture of G3 Global Berhad (formerly known as Yen Global Berhad)(“G3 Global”), a company listed on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad. Atilze’s shareholders (via G3 Global) include Green Packet Berhad and Gemtek Technology Co Ltd. (“Gemtek”) of Taiwan, an established global wireless broadband product leader with revenues over USD 1 billion annually and listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange under symbol ticker (4906). Gemtek is a pioneer member of the LoRa Alliance. Atilze supplies IoT and connected objects hardware devices, cloud based data-driven applications and services for Connected Car, Intelligent City and Smart Agriculture.

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