Influence of Telematics device – ISI WSC 2019

Mohd Azman Mohd Ismail, Product Director of Atilze Digital Sdn. Bhd, Malaysia presented paper regarding “The influence of telematics device on driving behaviour of commercial vehicles across long and short haul drivers” during ISI World Statistc Congress 2019.

This paper reviews the effect of Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) on driver’s behaviour who drive commercial vehicles for both the long haul group and short haul group. It is known that for the drivers that drives long distance, the exposure to negligent driving behaviour such as sudden braking and tendency of speeding are higher compared to the short distanced drivers due to reduced focus and fatigue. ADAS was used as an instrument to measure various data points that makes up the driving behaviour. ADAS helps in improving the driving style by alerting the drivers whenever a dangerous driving behaviour is detected thus helping the driver to correct the behaviour. The driver’s behaviour is measured using the Malaysia Driver Score (MDS) which was published by MIROS.

Read full statistic presentation in PDF.


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