Abellio: Reduce collisions and on-board injuries with ADAS

Fewer Collisions – Greater Passenger Safety

Abellio London runs certain bus routes in London on behalf of Transport for London (TfL). The company operates over 700 buses and carries 150 million passengers a year. While Abellio boasts a good safety record, it was looking to reduce collisions even further, as TfL has committed itself to Vision Zero with a
goal of eliminating all road deaths and serious injuries by 2041.

Well aware that buses pose a particular risk to the most vulnerable road users – pedestrians and cyclists, Abellio chose our collision avoidance technology which includes not only forward collision warning, lane departure warning, and headway monitoring but also pedestrian/cyclist collision warnings.

After several months, by over 200 drivers, the data has come in and the results have been outstanding. It captured approximately 29.1% drop in the number of avoidable collisions. Equally important, was the discovery of an unexpected benefit which is a dramatic drop in the number of on-board casualties.

The company credits ADAS‘s headway monitoring with this drop. Headway monitoring warns drivers if they get too close to the vehicle ahead of them. As drivers keep safer distances, there is a reduction in the hard braking that can result in passengers being thrown around the vehicle. Accordingly to the analysis, there is 60% drop in the number of passenger injuries from avoidable collisions.

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