Hari Pertanian Moden Kluang

Moden Agriculture Day was organized  by the Mengkibol Assemblyman’s Office in collaboration with Kluang District Agriculture Office and assisted by several agencies such as FAMA, Agrobank and other agencies.

The program began with site visit session to the farm using an automated fertilization system and automated computer system for watering and fertilizing crops, which is the Smart Farming solution provided by Atilze Digital. In the briefing session, Project Director of Atilze, Encik Azman highlighted how Smart Farming solution can help to maximize profits of farmers.

Another technology talk session was conducted after the site visit by Azman on topic “Kurangkan kekhuatiran, Tingkatkan hasil pertanian dengan IoT”.  With the rapid digital transformation, it is proven that IoT solutions can increase both the yield production as well as quality. More importantly, it has changed the perception of many towards agriculture sector and has invited many people to embark on modern agricultural technology with IoT solutions.

Let’s move towards the future of agriculture with Smart IoT solution Atilze!

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