DT Workshop: Modernising Your Fleet

modernising your fleet

Atilze, one of Malaysia’s leading AI and IoT companies, held a workshop for the fleet customers on the 12th of December 2019. The session was conducted by Azman Ismail, Product Director of Atilze Digital, using Design Thinking practice encourage brainstorm and thinking in terms of fleet management.  The main objective is to help fleet manager to get a blueprint on the solutions to achieve dream fleet management.

Azman also shared the previous report from MIROS Pilot Study on Malaysian Driver Score (MDS). MDS might allow drivers for better insurance policies based on good record of driving behaviour. Furthermore, At the event, Azman shared with the audience on some products of the company such as Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) and Wired Tracking (GPS). Both products will allow for better monitoring by fleet managers, resulting in an overall improvement in terms of fuel efficiency and theft.

More information about the product, you may refer to >> Smart Mobility Solution & real case study.

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