Artificial Intelligence

Smart Retail

Leveraging Facial Recognition-AI technology to redefine brick and mortar retail experience. Gather the shoppers’ insights, and convert to valuable profiling to provide personalize shopping experience for your customers.
  • VIP Recognition
  • Heat map analysis
  • People Counting Analysis
  • Foot traffic movement tracking
  • Person of interest recognition
  • Optimize operational ability
  • Manage better placement of merchandise
  • Full range video surveillance for security purpose


Validate customer identity using this simple and secure digital process.
  • Facial recognition & liveness detection technology
  • Optical Character Recognition and smart card reading
  • Instantaneous
  • Paperless System
  • Regulator friendly
  • Secure and efficient system
  • Consent based & Privacy protection
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Smart Surveillance

Upgrade your surveillance system from passive to active monitoring and verify faces anywhere in your premise.
  • Face Recognition device for door access & speed gate
  • Liveness detection technology
  • Fast facial captures with high accuracy
  • Security Management interface
  • Black list & white list user tracking
  • Support multiple identification modes
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FacePro Software Development Kit (SDK)

Always stay ahead of your competitors when creating software tools and programs because you can't get anything less with the world's best SDK for security and business application.
  • Face verification, identification & face detection
  • Liveness detection with front-end product
  • Life time access with one-time payment
  • Plays well with other SDKs

Intelligent Traffic System (ITS)

Enhance road users safety with better transport and traffic management system.
  • Integration of vehicle detection, vehicle capture and car plate recognition during both daylight and night
  • Multi-target tracking and velocity measuring radar
  • IP67 that offering full protection from dust and solid matter larger than dust
  • Strong adaptability to severe weather including rain, fog and haze
  • Low power consumption