Smart IoT

Smart Farming

Enter the age of Smart Farming using proven agri-IoT solutions. Monitor the key farm productivity parameters with ease.
  • Increase minimum 20% of yield
  • Improve crop quality and prevent harvest losses
  • Saving manpower resources approximately 8 hours per day
  • Fertilizer saving by 30%
  • Suitable for any scale of farm
  • Real time monitor via app or web platform


Case Study

Smart Environment

Monitor any environmental elements, from water quality, air quality to toxic fumes, and be the champion of mother earth.
  • Real time environment data
  • Alerts for quick decision

Smart Aquaculture

Improve fish, prawn and cockles yield by ensuring the water quality and other parameters are always in check.
  • Increase productivity and yield
  • Reduction of labour manpower
  • Automating processes

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