Malaysian Driver Score – Silterra Symposium

Mr Michael Lai was presenting the topic: Malaysian Driver Score [...]

MIROS Pilot Study on Malaysia Driver Score (MDS) Initiative

As shown in the pilot study, the use of telematics [...]

Highlight in Alibaba Cloud Event

Alibaba cloud invited Atilze to join Alibaba Cloud Summit 2019 [...]

Atilze Smart IoT partnering Alibaba Cloud

Atilze Sensor Hub partners with Alibaba Cloud as cloud provider. [...]

Atilze Aims to be Number One

By Asian Trucker, 6 August 2019 Atilze Digital Sdn Bhd, […]

APAC Policetech Conference 2019

Atilze A.I. is proud to participate in their first APAC [...]

Atilze E-Ladang Chili Farm

A smart farming pilot program by MDEC , transforming traditional [...]

Malaysia must act to avoid falling behind in AI

Technode, JUNE 27 2019 – By SUZANNE LOO Origin Conference| […]