Next-generation hardware platform
for rapid IoT deployment

Building the next generation of Sensor Hubs



Precision Agriculture Central Java, Indonesia

Cili Pintar Satellite Farm Teluk Mengkuang, Malaysia


  • Arduino Shield Compatible
    Use multiple 3rd party Arduino compatible shields to extend functionality
  • Wireless Xbee Connector
    Xbee form factor connectors for various wireless options such as LoRa, 3G and WiFi
  • Industrial Sensor Interface
    Supports industrial protocols such as RS232, RS485, 4-20mA, and standard ADC and 12C interfaces
  • Outdoor Ready
    Robust enclosure with IP65 rating, allowing deployment  to outdoor environments
  • Low Power with Multiple Power Inputs
    Low power Microcontroller with options to power via wired, battery, or solar
  • Integrated IoT Platform
    Complete end to end IoT Platform sensor integration


Attach sensor probes easily by just screwing them into the bottom sockets. This allows you to add new sensing capabilities onto existing networks in just minutes. Sensor probes can be easily replaced in order to ensure the lowest maintenance cost of the sensor network.


We are able to accelerate the agriculture industry through IoT development. Sensor data from soil EC, moisture, pH, temperature and humidity holds valuable insights for smart precision farming. Current IoT innovation allows us to create interconnected devices to share infinite information around the globe through advancement of cellular solutions, allowing us to observe any events on the field.


Atilze Sensor Hub is an affordable IoT solution to monitor and automate aquaculture farms. Farmers remotely monitor water quality and feed intake patterns. Smart algorithms precisely dispense the feed based on demand. Atilze helps farmers reduce risk and improve productivity by enabling the optimal use of feed and energy, making aquaculture farming sustainable.


Deploy Atilze Sensor Hub with environmental sensors to measure air quality elements, or sensors to detect hazardous chemicals which tracks the health of an environment. Inaccessible, polluted or uninhabitable spaces can be accessed without risking the health of technicians. People with breathing problems and asthma affected citizens can receive precise information in real time. Workers that operates in hazardous conditions (like mines or workplaces exposed to radiation) benefits from real time environmental data more than anyone.

Solar Powered

The solar panel is mounted on a bracket with an optimized angle to ensure maximum performance of each outdoor installation. The rechargeable battery has a load of 3400 mAh to ensure continues working time throughout the night.


Installation can be done in minutes by securing the enclosure holders and its connecting post. Once the Atilze Sensor Hub is secured, just activate sensor hub to immediately send sensor data onto the cloud.

Radio Technology

Leverage on 3G radio connectivity for IoT applications to send sensor data directly to Cloud without the need of an intermediate Gateway or LoRaWAN modules. Easily change protocols – from LoRa, 3G, and WiFi – with Atilze Sensor Hub XBEE communication socket.

Sensor’s Communication Protocol

Atilze Sensor Hub connects with common sensor’s communication protocols: 0-5V, UART, RS-232, I2C, SPI  and 4-20 mA, opening a wide variety of applications for industrial sensing and automation.

IoT Platform on the Cloud

Complete end-to-end IoT solution, from sensors to backend IoT platform. Fully compatible sensor data gathered by Lora Gateway router designed to connect to Sensor Hub via Ethernet and 3G interface, or connect directly from Atilze Sensor Hub to cloud through 3G connectivity.